Team meeting UAlg

Gambelas Campus  •   December 13 2017

Soon after the OBSERVE launch session, it was considered opportune to hold a large meeting of the UAlg team to analyze and define the methodology for the determination of sustainability indicators.

From the debate of ideas it is emphasized:
– the importance of reference documents that tell what to monitor and what goals are to be achieved;

– OBSERVE needs to be a stable and independent structure that “opens” and proceeds in time (medium term objective);

– Pilar TURISMO central to the others vs the same level (4 dimensions) – the indicators should allow to see if the tourism development gives note of sustainability;

– SOCIAL Indicator, which integrates the cultural domain, be it designated, SOCIO / CULTURAL;

– The importance of the system to have both quantitative and qualitative indicators.


December 18 – Meeting at the IEFP – Dr. Madalena Feu and Dr. António Travassos
December 20 – Meeting in the Algarve Tourist Region – Dr. Duarte Padinha
January 4 – Meeting of thematic groups – Campus da Penha
January 8 – Meeting at the Social Security Institute – Dr. Margarida Flores and Dr. Carmen Raposo
January 15 – Meeting at the Regional Directorate of Culture of the Algarve – Dr. Alexandra Gonçalves
January 16 – Meeting at the Regional Directorate of Health – Dr. Paulo Morgado
January 25 – Meeting at the Water and Waste Services Regulatory Authority – Dr. Paula Freixial
January 31 – Meeting at the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests – Dr. Valentina Callisto
January 31 – Meeting at the National Statistics Institute Delegation of Faro – Dr. Nuno Vasco
February 7 – Meeting at the Regional Delegation of Education of the Algarve – Dr. Francisco Marques